OPEN CALLS: August, 2020

OPEN CALLS: August, 2020

‍August, 2020


Deadline: September 14, 12h00 Lisbon Time

The aim of this action, framed in the National Digital Skills e.2030 Initiative, Portugal INCoDe.2030 (namely in Axis 5 - Research), is to promote the presentation of Advanced Computing Projects in all areas, providing resources of the following computational models: High Performance computing (HPC); High Throughput computing (HTC); Cloud Computing.

Competition for IC&DT projects to promote R&D activities in the Montesinho Natural Park region

Deadline: September 30, 17h00 Lisbon Time

Having as reference the promotion of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary R&D activities to be carried out in the Montesinho Natural Park, it is intended to make its projection for the future, developing new knowledge in several thematic areas, in a perspective of scientific and cultural multidisciplinarity, contributing for a new international R&D agenda on the Montesinho Natural Park.

‍European Calls

Deadline: January 12 (2021), 17:00 Brussels time

Within the Framework Partnership Agreement[1] in European low-power microprocessor technologies awarded in 2017, the selected consortium will be invited to submit a Research and Innovation Action proposal for the second phase of the design and development of European low-power processors and related technologies for extreme-scale, high-performance big-data, AI and emerging applications, in accordance with the research roadmap defined in the respective FPA.

Deadline: December 1,  17:00 Brussels time

Many SMEs struggle to embrace the Industry 4.0 revolution and the uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies and systems remains a challenge: only one in five manufacturing companies have already used advanced manufacturing solutions[1]. A recent study[2] shows that for nearly three quarters of the firms, the most important barrier to the uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies and systems is the high cost of investments in advanced manufacturing acquisition and the lack of financial resources. About half of all firms also indicate difficulties in assessing the performance and the potential business return of such technologies and/or the lack of skilled personnel required to adopt relevant technologies and business models.

Deadline: November 24,  17:00 Brussels time

The objective is to develop effective responses and tools to prevent and counter all forms of radicalisation (including in particular Islamist and violent right wing extremism) in priority areas highlighted in the annual Strategic Orientations on a coordinated EU approach to prevention of radicalisation, focusing on approaches for disengagement and reintegration of extremist offenders and radicalised individuals, including on returning foreign terrorist fighters and their families.

Deadline: June 23 (2021),  17:00 Brussels time

The present call targets projects on low-carbon technologies and processes in all sectors covered by Directive 2003/87/EC (the EU ETS Directive):

Innovation in low-carbon technologies and processes in sectors listed in Annex I, including environmentally safe carbon capture and utilisation (‘CCU’) that contributes substantially to mitigating climate change,as well as products substituting carbon intensive ones produced in sectors listed in Annex I, environmentally safe capture and geological storage (‘CCS’) of CO2, and innovative renewable energy and energy storage technologies.

Deadline: October 15, 17:00 Brussels time

The European Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission"), through its Representation in Portugal, publishes a call for proposals to select partners to operate a EUROPE DIRECT in 2021-2025.

EUROPE DIRECT is a space for proactive and continuous dialogue with citizens to promote the European project. By organizing informative and participatory activities, EUROPE DIRECT allows citizens to make informed choices about the future of the EU by fully participating in the European democratic process.


‍Participant Portal: partner search

This feature offers the possibility to look for partners directly in the context of individual call topics (open and forthcoming). Potential applicants can access the list of existing partner search requests for a given topic via the individual call topic pages. From the same place, Legal Entity Appointed Representatives (LEARs) can also create new partner search requests on behalf of their organization. Detailed guidance is available.

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